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Nothing! We bring everything that is needed…wine, beverages, cups, cocktail napkins, bar tools, winetenders, even the bar!

Our specialty is wine makers of color and women but we like to work with our clients to source the perfect wine for their event. We can source wines that pair well with your menu, align with a specific theme, natural wines, vegan, from a specific region, a specific style or whatever else you can imagine!

Yes, we provide a 5’ portable bar for your event. This bar is adequate for a guest count of up to 100 guests. For larger guest counts we can provide a larger bar.

ACH, credit card, business checks and cash

  • Pre-paid (open) bar - You pay a flat per person cost for bar service. This is the no-fuss version. 
  • Tab (open) bar - We charge a flat fee to bring our service and work with the host to set an allocated budget for the bar service. As we approach the set budget the host has the option to cut off service or switch to a cash bar. There is a $1,000 minimum charge. 
  • Cash bar - for some events we offer a cash bar service option. If you would like to have the option of a cash bar at your event, we can set up at your event for a flat fee and charge guests by the glass.

No problem! We can rent it for you.

No, we make our money by providing wine and beverages and giving you a great premium experience. We cannot guarantee a perfect experience if we aren’t handling the details.

Yes, we are an insured company and are happy to provide a certificate of insurance for the location

Yes! We sure are! That means we will be diligent about not serving guests under 21 or overserving your guests. If we find that someone appears to be drunk, we will cut them off.

We have a zero tolerance and safety policy. If ever our team feels harassed or unsafe we will exit the event and your fee will not be returned. It is of the utmost importance that our team be safe at all times.


  1. We work with you to source the best wine options for your event. We can with with your chef to make selections based on the menu, event theme, focus on wine makers of color or women or any specifics you may have in mind. If you want to incorporate beer and non-alcoholic beverages options, we can do that too! 

2. A knowledgeable and fun wintender shows up to pour wine for your event or lead a wine tasting. 

3. We bring everything needed to serve you - disposable premium wine cups, napkins, all of the bar equipment, ice, wine chillers, bar tools, ice and all of your beverage selections.

4. If you need a bar, we’ll bring that too! We have a 5’ portable bar but we can also bring a larger bar, based on the space and service needs for your event.